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QuizATAhon was an integral part of #ATAGTR2016 and it is back here now.

Remember this is Your entry pass to the best and most fun filled global testing conference.

#ATAGTR2017 #QuizATAhon will be a series of quiz's starting from 7th of January 2017 till March 2nd week.

The QuizATAhon - 4 Time line is as follows:
Start Date : 11th February 2017
Last date for sending the response 20th February 2017

The city wise winners for QuizATAhon 4 are as follows:

Ajay Emmanuel

The first question for QuizATAhon-4 is as below.

  1. In a Examination a candidate has to score minimum of 24 marks in order to clear the exam.The maximum that he can score is 40 marks. Identify the Valid Equivalence values if the student clears the exam.
    • 22,23,26
    • 21,39,40
    • 29,30,31
    • 0,15,22
To see question number 2 to 8 and to respond to them click here

Steps to respond to the quiz :
1. Click on Checkbox
2. Click on Proceed
3. Please fill your Name and Email Id
4. Respond to the questions.
5. Fill in the other details.
6. Click on Continue

Rules and Regulations for QuizATAhon 2017

    There would be 1 winner from every city for every QuizATAhon Quiz. One grand winner would be announced after all the QuizATAhons.

  • Each Winner's name and photo will be showcased on web site.

  • Each Winner will also get a certificate (softcopy).

  • All winning entries will have their name and company name shown on GTR website.

  • If there are more than one winner in a city, the winner name from every city will be chosen randomly.

  • Each correct entry will garner 1 point for the respective organization on Leaderboard page

  • Each Winning entry will garner 10 points for the respective organization on Leaderboard.

  • Overall winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) of QuizATAhon would be chosen based on their correct entries across the series of Quiz's. If there are more than 1 winner, final winner list will be chosen randomly.

  • Overall final winner will be able to attend the #ATAGTR2017 at no cost. (the conference ticket would be the grand prize).
    *No travel cost or stay cost would be provided to the winner